Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two for Tuesday...

I always have lots of good intentions to post more often, but I don't know what to post and I have lots of trouble committing to a subject.    So, I am going to put myself on a schedule.  Every Tuesday I am going to post two new picture book titles that I LOVE.  Here are the first two titles. 

I found these two new books that I am adding to my Science class library!  Click on the captions to go to Barnes and Noble and order your own copy!

Dirty Gert
                                                                        Dirty Gert
Little Gert loves to play in the dirt so much that she turns into a tree. Gert loves dirt. She plays in it and even tastes it. One day Gert is delighted to discover that she is becoming a tree. I'm  going to use this book while teaching the needs of a plant.  Dirty Gert by Tedd Arnold

999 Frogs Wake up
                                                                  999 Frogs Wake Up
Wake up—it’s springtime in the swamp! As 999 young frogs awaken, they panic to find that all of the other animals are still asleep. First they wake the biggest frog… then the tortoise, the lizard, and the ladybugs. But when they hop down a hole and all pull together, they find someone they don’t want to wake—a big, long snake. Don’t wake him up!  I am going to use this book while teaching about hibernation..  999 Frogs Wake Up by Ken Kimura

The summaries are from Bibliocommons and Barnes and Noble. 


  1. LOVE Dirty Gert! It fits so nicely with my thoughts for this Tuesday at the Corner that I put it in today's blog ... and gave you a shout out.

    The Corner On Character

  2. These both were new to me - thanks for sharing! Good luck with your schedule - I have been brainstorming a schedule for myself, too!
    P.S. Would love for you to come check out my little blog if you are not already following it! :)
    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts

    1. Guess what....I already follow your blog and love it! Thank you for stopping by.


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