Friday, August 3, 2012

The Happiest Time of the Year...and the Saddest Day

I love Kindergarten screening. I get giddy meeting the new kinders for the first time. They are so excited about starting school. I like being able to meet them one at a time and having a chance to speak to parents one on one too. I don't know about you, but back to school night, the first day of school and open houses are stressful and exhausting. All the parents want to speak to you and ask individual questions, and the kiddos want to have your full attention (which I give them much to the chagrin of the parents.) Today was my first day of Kindergarten screening. I had a blast.

On a much sadder note, my 12 year old daughter's friend passed away on Monday. What do you say to make it all better? My understanding is that this sweet girl went into cardiac arrest at school. I'm not certain what cause the cardiac arrest.  This happened before school (the very last week of school) at an extra curricular activity. The nurse had not arrived at school since school hadn't begun. CPR was administered..however the sweet 13 year old was taken off of life support and died this past Monday.    I believe everyone should know CPR ; especially teachers. Those moments when someone is gathering the nurse (who wasn't at school yet) could make a big difference in the final outcome.   Now my baby is scared to be away from me. She has lots of questions and I am answering them the best I can. I am encouraging her to attend the visitation...just to give her some closure and so she can support this sweetheart's family. Thirteen year old little girls shouldn't die.  If you have the opportunity, take a CPR class this year in memory of one of God's cutest, sweetest and kindest little angel.  You can purchase a personal kit for only $34.00 and learn CPR anywhere in 22 minutes.  Check it out.  The American Heart Association

After screening lots of little kinders and comforting my daughter today I am reminded how parents place their babies in our care every year.  They trust us to keep their babies safe and to teach them all about the world.  What an awesome responsibility gift we have been given.   I LOVE my job! 


  1. How heartbreaking! I am feeling so blessed to have my 3 sweet boys sleeping safely in their beds this morning. And you are right - parents send us their babies (and we send ours!) everyday with the expectation that we treat them like our own and keep them safe. Stories like these remind us of what a huge responsibility we take on in this job.

    Teaching in Progress

  2. Thank you for commenting. We attended the visitation on Saturday. What a hard day.


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