Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Storytime Props

While I worked as a youth services programmer, I did lots and lots of storytimes.  I loved it.  I liked to mix up the media a bit and I used felt boards and music.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite felt board resources with you. 
I love April's Daycare.  She has the cutest feltboard sets.  They are durable and fabulous.  She includes the storyboard too...so no flipping through the book as you are telling the story.  Now that I teach Kindergarten I put these sets in my flannelboard/ retelling literacy center.  It is a very popular center in my classroom. 
  April's Daycare


Kidzclub has lots of storytime props to offer.  I love their printable storytime patterns.  You can print in color or black and white.  I print one set in color and I laminate them.  I put the smallest amount of velcro on the back to make them stick to the felt/ flannel.  You could also put a tiny magnet and they would stick to your white board and easel.  I print a black and white set for each of my kinder kiddos.  They color them and cut them out.  They put them inside a little plastic baggie and practice retelling the story to a friend.  Once they have practiced for a while, I have them take them home and retell the story to their family.  This is a perfect activity for my ESL students and a great phonologic awareness activity for all of my kiddos.  They have props for lots of my favorite storytime books.   I can't figure out how to post a sample...but trust me and click on the link.  These are wonderful. 



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  2. Thanks for the link - I love using the felt board and the kids love it too!
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