Saturday, April 14, 2012

Earth Day

I had an awesome day with the family today.  We went to the Rappahannock Earth Day Fair.  I came away with lots of new ideas for the classroom.  The most exciting one was the newspaper seed pots.  I found a blog that has fantastic directions. 
Newspaper Pots (Link to Directions)

I also connected with a composting worm man.  He is going to set our classroom up with composting worms.  How cool is that?  I've had worms before, but I drowned them.  He has assured me that this won't happen under his guidance.  The kiddos are going to love watching our trash become compost. 

I also found out that last year's "frog eggs" were actually salamander eggs.  I spoke to some ladies who showed me the two different kinds of eggs.  No wonder my "frog eggs" didn't work out last year.  I think we had salamader eggs. 
Frog Eggs
Salamander Eggs

And we found a place to get rain barrels and composting tubs.  All in all a fabulous family day. 

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