Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don't Stomp on the Cookie!


Well, I got my answer....No, stomping on the cookie did not make the impact I had hoped  for. My little dude stepped on a journal and a water bottle today and we had another  chat.  It ended with my little dude having a one day suspension for threatening bodily harm to me   So no I won't ever stomp on a cookie again. 
This little dude really doesn't have empathy.  I ended my character lesson with ....if it doesn't belong to you, don't step on it. 
I am very very sad tonight and feel like I have let my guy down. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Got Fired?

Don't freak out, but I got fired on a six year old.  So now the story...I have a little one who steps on things or breaks things that don't belong to him.  He doesn't seem to have empathy for others.  So, I jumped at an opportunity.  He stepped on a student's cookie that was left by the hallway bathroom after lunch.  After I asked him why he did this, his response was, it didn't belong to anyone.  (It didn't have a name on it.)  Well, my sweetie had part of a cookie of his own which he had put in the snack bin.  I looked in the snack bin, found the cookie part and mentioned to my guy that this cookie didn't have a name on it, so it must not belong to anyone either.  I proceeded to stomp on the cookie.  The look on his face...priceless.  He was SOOOO mad!  I asked him how he was feeling and he fired me.  "You're fired!"  Wow!  We then talked about how it felt to have your cookie stepped on and how mad he must be feeling.  We talked about how sad he must be feeling since he didn't have  a cookie to eat.  We talked about things you could step on and things you shouldn't step on.  We talked about how everything belongs to someone, even if you don't know who.  He then went to Music and I went to buy two new cookies.  I never found the owner of the first cookie, but a co-worker played the part very well.  My little dude then went to apologize with the cookie he stepped on and a new cookie to replace the crumbled one.  When he returned, I apologized to him and gave him a new cookie.  And...he left for the long weekend.  What do you think?  Would you ever stomp on a cookie?  I wonder if it made the impact I was working for...or not.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!